What is competition team?

  • LDC’s competition team rehearses all year and competes in Wisconsin and Illinois during the winter months.

  • It’s for dancers that want to push themselves a bit harder and compete against dancers from other areas.

What are the requirements to join competition team?

  • Dancers must have danced at LDC the year prior to joining, all year long including the summer before the fall/spring dance season.

  • Dancers must have director’s approval (based on technical ability, commitment to dance, enthusiasm for dance, good attitude, attendance, etc.)

  • Dancers must be enrolled in ballet, jazz, lyrical and a competition technique/rehearsal class.

  • Dancers must dance all year long, including 6 weeks in the summer.

  • Regular attendance is required, as we will constantly be working on technique and choreography.

What are the costs for competition team?

  • The competition technique class is an additional class hour.

  • There will be a costume needed for each dance they compete (we do our best to re-use for recital).

  • Tights, shoes and warm-up jackets will also need to be purchased.

  • Competition entry fees (around $40 per dance, per competition for group dances).

What are the age requirements for competition team?

  • Dancers need to be at least 8 years old.

How often and where are the competitions?

  • We attend 3-4 competitions (February through May).

  • Competitions are in Madison, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc.

  • Competitions are usually a full weekend (Friday night through Sunday afternoon).

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • Competition team is a lot of fun, but it also a commitment.  Please consider your school schedule and other activities before you commit.  It is not fair to the other dancers or Miss Kate if you join, but then miss rehearsals and classes or quit during the season.

If you have any other questions…just ask or call  Miss Kate at 262-349-9698 !

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Comp Team 2014 Triple S Competition


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