Your Parents Are Lucky You Are A Dancer

    your parents are lucky you dance

    Parents sometimes wonder if the money they spend on their children’s dance sessions is money well spent. Exactly what are they getting for their investment in dance?

    Here are some positive things most, if not all, dancers get from participating in dance classes... here to read more...

    Stay Positive in the Dance Studio and Onstage

    Everyone has an occasional bad day or days. When it happens to you as a dancer, it is important to get out of that funk and start applying positive energy. Below are a few tips to stay positive and help avoid any feelings of negativity when dancing: here to read more...

    Reasons to Meet Other Dance Moms

    Often the mothers of dancers spend a lot of their free time at the dance studio their child dances at, at dance recitals, and at dance shows or competitions. You can make your time spent attending your child’s dance activities more interesting and productive if you get to know other dances moms.

    Here are a few good reasons to make an effort to meet the other dance moms at the studio, shows, or recitals: here to read more...

    Get A Head Start Organizing For Upcoming Recitals

    With dance studio recitals coming up, it might be a good idea to start thinking about getting you and your child organized. This is a special time of year for your dancer so it's good to make the recital week(s) trouble free.  Here are some things to start planning for: here to read more...

    Health Benefits of Dance

    health benefits of dance

    Dance provides Health Benefits for Young and Old

    Dance is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy whether you are a younger or older dancer.

    Studies have shown that dancing can help you lose or maintain weight, stay flexible, reduce stress, and more. Read below to learn more about the benefits of dancing to your health: here to read more...

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