What Can a Parent Do With Used Dance Shoes and Dance Costumes?

    ballet shoes

    There comes a time when your young dancer grows out of her dance shoes. And those older dance recital costumes are no longer needed. What can a parent do with the old shoes and costumes?

    If a parent has a dancer that has grown out of a pair of dance shoes, there are several ways you might consider putting these shoes to a good use.

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    What is Your Dance Studio’s Approach to Dancer Costumes?

    Having just completed a multi-blog series about Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD), what are some of the expectations a parent should have for the type of recital or competition costumes their dance studio chooses for their children?

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    Making a Stronger Commitment to Dance Students

    YPAD - Youth Protection Advocates In Dance
    This is the final post in this multi-part blog series on local dance studios taking on the responsibility of providing a Happier, Healthier and Safer environment for its students.

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    Mindful 3-Day Social Media Fast

    This is part 4 in our series. In our previous posts we introduced you to a new way that local dance
    studios can step up their game and provide a Happy, Healthy, and Safe environment for its students, through YPAD (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance) certification.

    In those posts we talked about teacher background checks and CPR certification, as well as dancer and parent seminars and workshops.

    Another part of our studio’s YPAD certification process and the self image seminars the dancers and parents attended was a social media fast that several of our dancers took part in a few weeks after the seminar.

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    Dance Studios Provide Role Models

    Dance Studios and Their Role in the Local Community - Part 2

    In our first blog post in this series we discussed how a dance studio impacts its community by providing a great place for children to engage in fun, health exercise, helping the child develop both physically and mentally.

    Part 2 - Role Models

    A dance studio can also contribute to the community by providing strong, positive role models for children to emulate and follow.

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