Dance Studios Provide Role Models

    Dance Studios and Their Role in the Local Community - Part 2

    In our first blog post in this series we discussed how a dance studio impacts its community by providing a great place for children to engage in fun, health exercise, helping the child develop both physically and mentally.

    Part 2 - Role Models

    A dance studio can also contribute to the community by providing strong, positive role models for children to emulate and follow. here to read more...

    Dance Studios Contribute To Child Development

    Dance Studios and Their Role in the Local Community - Part 1

    Your local dance studio can play an incredibly important role in your local community.

    This series of blog posts will highlight the different ways the dance studio down the street may be able to impact the community they are in.  Here are the topics we will cover today and in upcoming posts: here to read more...

    Winterizing Your Dance Routine

    Dancing In Winter

    Being a dancer in the northern states can be challenging during the winter months. Much like people will take steps to “winterize” their automobiles and houses, dancers may want to consider taking some simple steps to “winterize” their approach to dancing when the temperatures start to fall.

    Here are some simple steps you may want to consider doing when you head off to your local dance studio for classes when the temperature is near or below freezing. here to read more...

    Preschool Dance Provides Health Benefits

    Preschool Dance - Health Benefits

    Dancing for preschool kids is not only about having fun, it also offers a wide range of health benefits.

    Dancing at all ages is great for anyone, but involving children at an early age supports both their physical and mental development. It also shows them the importance and fun of exercising. here to read more...

    What to Pack in Your Dance Bag

    Dance Bag

    Most dancers, both new and experienced, have a dance bag they use to make sure they have everything they need when they go to their studio for classes.

    Many dancers just throw whatever they think they will need into their bag, but is there a method to making sure you are carrying all the right stuff for dance class?

    Below are some tips to make sure you include all the dance bag essentials. here to read more...

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