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With the start of a new dance season, we offer some advice for new or experienced dancers to start the new season off on a positive foot. Make plans to have a great year learning new techniques, meeting new friends, challenging yourself and most of all having a lot of FUN!

Here are some things to think about prior to starting classes:

Set a Few Personal Goals for Yourself

Whether your an experienced dancer, possibly on a competition team, or someone taking your first class, set some goals for yourself.

For the brand new dancer, that might be a little more difficult, but you can make a few simple goals like learning some new dance moves, making a new friend or two, and most of all having fun experiencing dance for the first time.

For the experienced dancer your goals might be more challenging like mastering a movement that has proven hard to you in the past, impressing your teachers with your willingness to learn or possibly improving your results in upcoming competitions.

Become a Leader in the Classroom

Take charge when appropriate, setting the right tone for a particular class, helping the teacher, and helping some of the kids who are struggling with a new move or concept.

Leadership doesn’t occur just on the dance floor. Keep your eyes open looking for opportunities to help others including the studio teachers and owners. Remember, if you are one of the older dancers, the younger dancers are probably looking at you as an example of how to conduct oneself.

Be a Strong Role Model for Younger Dancers

As mentioned above, if you are one of the experienced, older dancers, you have a great opportunity to be a positive role model in terms of work ethic, respect to other dancers, arriving to class on time, and helping others.

Look for Feedback

Throughout the year, don’t hesitate to ask the teachers, the studio owners, guest instructors and other dancers in the studio for feedback on how you are doing. Receiving strong feedback can be a critical way for you to accomplish all your goals and dreams.

Starting a new dance season provides yourself the opportunity to set some goals and take some steps to make sure you are improving both as a dancer and in life, as a friend or role model.

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