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Often the mothers of dancers spend a lot of their free time at the dance studio their child dances at, at dance recitals, and at dance shows or competitions. You can make your time spent attending your child’s dance activities more interesting and productive if you get to know other dances moms.

Here are a few good reasons to make an effort to meet the other dance moms at the studio, shows, or recitals:

Expand your Dance Family

Getting to know the parents of fellow dancers while waiting at the studio during your child’s classes will make your time spent at the studio more enjoyable for you. Spend your time making new friendships, and get more out of the time waiting. These new friendships may also expand your knowledge about the world of dance, more about the community you live in, or maybe just the name of a great book or local restaurant.

Build your Personal Network

Networking is an important part of every person’s professional life. Invest some time talking with the other adults at the dance studio, dance competitions, and at the recital and rehearsals learning more about them and what they do in their professional lives. Besides making new friends you might be able to uncover a really great connection in your business world.

Get Objective Opinions

Building strong, healthy friendships with other dance moms can help you develop and maintain an objective perspective on your child’s dance development. Having a friendship with another dance mom that has been involved in the dance world longer than you can be invaluable to navigating through the rituals of children’s dance from costumes, make-up, competitors, recital rehearsals, recitals and a host of things you will encounter with dance as a parent.

Be a Role Model for your Child

By you building new friendships with other parents, this teaches a valuable lesson for your child to emulate. Also, when your child observes you socializing with other parents in the studio, he or she sees you enjoying the time they spend at the studio during their dance class.

Give these things a try and enjoy the hours you spend at the local dance studio as much as your child does!

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