November 24, 2017 @ 12:58 pm - posted by Liberty Dance

This is part 4 in our series. In our previous posts we introduced you to a new way that local dance
studios can step up their game and provide a Happy, Healthy, and Safe environment for its students, through YPAD (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance) certification.

In those posts we talked about teacher background checks and CPR certification, as well as dancer and parent seminars and workshops.

Another part of our studio’s YPAD certification process and the self image seminars the dancers and parents attended was a social media fast that several of our dancers took part in a few weeks after the seminar.

Called the Mindful 3-Day Social Media Fast, this fast was sponsored and facilitated by the YPAD organization. We had thirty dancers participate in the program by volunteering to stay off all social media platforms for three days.

Prior to starting the fast, each dancer was asked to take a “self-image” questionnaire. During the three day fast, YPAD facilitates a chat room for everyone participating in the fast to share with others what types of activities they are doing while not connecting to social medial platforms.

Several dancers shared paintings they made while off social medial while others shared books they read. Some played the piano and others just spent more time talking to friends and families more frequently.

At the end of the three day fast, the dancers again were asked to participate in a “self image” questionnaire. This information is being complied and studied by the advisory board backing the YPAD organization to determine the effects that the use of social media has on today’s youth.

Although it was challenging to be off social medial platforms for three days, the participating dancers said it was a worthwhile experience and said they were glad they did it.

This program was just another step of the YPAD certification process and was a means for our dance studio to move up our commitment to helping our students to live a happier, healthier life in addition to enjoying the experience of dance.

Come back in a couple weeks for the wrap up blog on our studio’s YPAD certification process and our goal of making dance happier, healthier and safer for you dancers.

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