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With busy schedules nowadays, it is often hard for a young dancer to find enough time to practice their dance skills or routines. So it is really important that when the child finds time to practice that they maximize the results. Below are a few tips:

Warm Up Properly

It is really important to take the time to stretch your muscles and get your body warmed up before practicing, so you can go all out in your practice without hurting yourself. And don’t forget a “cool down” period after practice.

Proper Rehearsal/Practice Space

Especially when practicing at home, find a big enough space that allows you to fully practice your entire routine. You want to be able to do this at full speed and not risk injury.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Keep positive thoughts throughout the practice time if you struggle through parts of the routine.  Keeping that positive attitude will allow to do your best, and adding that positive attitude to your routine can only make the dance better.

Rest and Stretching

If your practice or rehearsal is lengthy, plan a rest break partway through. Have something to eat for energy, and take a few minutes to stretch again before resuming the practice.

Have Fun

Make a point of having fun and enjoying the practice time. Just have fun doing what you love, and it will help you get even more out of the dance practice session.

Put Your Personality on Display

Really impressive dance routines have a personality and vibe. Making sure you work on this during your practice, in addition to technique, can really help you make your practice time produce even greater final results.

By paying attention to all or some of the above tips, can help you get more out of your next dance practice. Give some of the ideas a try. Good luck.

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