December 22, 2017 @ 9:49 am - posted by Liberty Dance

Having just completed a multi-blog series about Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD), what are some of the expectations a parent should have for the type of recital or competition costumes their dance studio chooses for their children?

We strongly believe in following YPAD’s suggestions that dancers be provided with age-appropriate costumes that help them strengthen their self image and make them feel great both on and off the stage.

Costumes should positively uplift the dancers in their appearance and self perceptions. Some of the ways this can be accomplished are:

  • Costumes should fit appropriately providing both comfort and functionality during the entire routine
  • Dancer costumes should be age-appropriate and not make audiences uncomfortable
  • Costumes should take into consideration that a dance class may include children of various shapes, heights and sizes

Costumes make a statement on-stage about the dancers, the dance routine and the dance studio, so costume choices should be well thought out.

When deciding on which dance studio your child dances at, ask your studio owner their thoughts and philosophies on costume choices.

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