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Liberty Dance Center offers a variety of dance classes for children ages 6-12 years old, including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, , Hip-Hop, Combo jazz/ Hip-Hop (6-8 yr. & 9-12 yr.), Lyrical (9-12 yr.) and Tricks & Technique (9-12 yr.) class. Our friendly, professional staff emphasizes proper technique and modern instructional methods. Classes are weekly and most are one hour in length. For information on dance class descriptions-click here.

We offer both a performing dance company and a competitive dance team for those dancers that have an  interest.

To learn more about the performing company-click here.

To learn more about the competition dance team-click here.


The dance season at Liberty Dance  runs 36 weeks in length starting in late August and running through May  culminating in our spring recital in early June.  Please note that we believe very stongly in choosing age-appropriate recital costumes for all our students at Liberty Dance Center.  We offer very “family friendly” tuition rates including a 10% discount for those individuals or families that enroll in more than one hour of dance class per week.  We also offer our “Liberty Program”  that offers a very attractive flat tuition rate for unlimited hours of class per week.  There is a once a year $ 15 registration fee per student due at time of enrollment.


Enrollment into classes are accepted through the end of January for the fall through spring dance season.


If you are a first time parent and aren’t sure on clothing check on the descriptions of clothing requirements and on dance clothing examples to show pictures of various types of footwear and dance clothes.

6 to 12 year old Class Schedule

(New dancers) (New dancers)
6-8 year olds
Ballet Mon. 4p
Ballet Tue. 5p
Ballet Sat. 9a
Jazz Mon. 5p
Jazz Tue. 4p
Jazz/HH Mon. 4p
Jazz/HH Wed. 4p
Jazz/HH Sat. 11a
Hip Hop- Boys Mon. 4:15p
Hip Hop Wed. 6:15p
Tap Wed. 5:30p
Jr. Perf A Thur. 5p
9 to 12 year old classes
Ballet A/B Mon. 6p
Ballet A Sat. 10a
Ballet B Thur. 5p
Ballet C Tue. 5p
Ballet D Tue. 6p
Jazz A/B* Mon. 5p
Jazz A Wed. 7p
Jazz B Thur. 7p
Jazz C Tue. 4p
Jazz D Tue. 5p
Jazz/HH New Sat. 11am
Hip-Hop Mon. 7p
Hip-Hop Wed. 6p
Hip-Hop Thur. 7p
Tap A Thur. 6p
Lyrical A Tue. 7p
Lyrical B Tue. 7p
Trick/Tech. Mon. 7p
Jr. Perf B Thur. 6p
Jr. Perf C Mon. 6p
Jr. Perf D Thur. 4p
Jr. Comp Thur. 5p
Jr. Comp New Thur. 6p
Jr. Comp Thur. 6p
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