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January 2017
Ken and I talked about how we love not only what you are teaching them with dance, but how your overall mission and meaning behind your studio.  We love how they are learning so much through Performing Company and community events, giving back to the community, that they can be strong and confident but also respectful and dignified.  They can love their bodies and how they move without disrespecting themselves.  That is so HUGE in young girls.  You are teaching our girls so many things that we hold valuable and I just wanted to say THANK YOU !                                                                                                                               Kelly & Ken Ludlow

August 2016
Miss Kate-
Just a quick note to you that I appreciate the fact that in addition to teaching the kids, dance your studio is investing in their character.                                                          Anonymous


First and foremost, I want to congratulate you all on another wonderful recital in 2016!  I am always amazed by how the kids at every level change from year to year. I love seeing my own kids grow, but it has been incredible to watch so many other children grow up on stage also. It was so emotional for me and for the girls. Leaving LDC and moving to Texas is harder than leaving our home! We recognize how blessed we are to have been in such an amazing place for the past 8 years.                             Thanks-  The Cain family

Last week, my daughter was in track along with dance and everything else. I was concerned that this would be too much for her, but did not say anything to her. Sometimes kids have to try things. She really wanted to do track as many of her friends in high school are in track. Friday she came home from school exhausted and said this was all just too much.      I asked what she wanted to do and she said drop track. I asked a few questions just to make sure. Her response was , “dance trumps everything else except family…. Dance is my second home, I love my dance family.” I just thought I would share with you and thank you for all you do

Miss Kate
I’m sure you had a ton of feedback regarding the recital…so, I’ll just reiterate again – it was wonderful!  Even my Dad (big basketball guy – this dance world is new to him too) but since he has been to Meredith’s recitals since she was 5, he now feels comfortable to add his 2 cents, and he said it was the best recital he has ever been to.  He thought the choreography was “tough and tight” and every girl knew their place (hahaha… – if he only knew, right?!).  We, as a family, thought placing an instrumental Queen with a ballet performance was brilliant!

Anyways, I want you to know how thrilled we are Meredith is with you & dancing at Liberty.  She amazes us by her dance presence and confidence.  We know, and I think you know, she practices every day in our family room!  She is always playing dance clips, or music videos and practicing choreography.  Thank you for all you have done & continue to do.

While driving back to Waukesha one night, from Sussex, Meredith told me in the car, “First, I dance for myself because I know I can.  Then, I dance for Miss Kate & Miss Deanna to help make them proud of me and how much I have learned.  Lastly, I dance for you and Dad to show you how much I love what I do.”

Kate, it can’t get more raw and real and honest than that.  So, I leave you with that little tidbit.  I hope I made you smile as you have done for me so many times!                               
The  Marcks Family    

Good morning,
Yesterday, I was cleaning my house, listening to my “cleaning music” on Pandora. (I think it was originally listed as a pop music station, but I renamed it.) Anyways, “She Will be Loved” played, “Fireworks” played, and “Just the Way You Are” came on also. I was awash in sweet memories of Liberty Dance Center recital dances. Listening warmed my heart, brought a smile, and I thought of both of you.

Thank you for all you do for your students, families, and the community. Your influence is powerful and positive, and I hope you know that and hold that close.

In talking with Maddie last night, I shared all of this, and asked if it was OK with her to share it with you. She authorized this communication, and confirmed the message, absolutely. I hope you both make it a great day,

 Hi Kate, 

I wish you  could have heard the shrieks of joy and happy tears coming from Megan after you gave her the green light for pointe shoes. 🙂 I’m not sure we’ve ever seen her so happy…not even when we brought a puppy home when she was in kindergarten! 😉

The level of joy and discipline your studio and you and your staff bring to her life is pretty fun to watch as parents. Thanks for all that you all do.

Enjoy this summer break!

Angie and Pat Reetz

 “Our 11 year old daughter has been in classes at Liberty since it opened its doors in July of 2008. Her experience has been 100% positive in her 7 years there. Every instructor is very skilled, professional, nurturing, kind hearted, positive, encouraging, and fun for all ages of dancers. Our daughter’s skills have improved steadily each and every year. Miss Kate Moody and her staff work hard to make classes engaging and motivating. They connect with their students on a personal level and take each student’s progress very seriously, guiding them down a path to achieve their goals. Our daughter is always eager to come to Liberty for each of her classes because she feels comfortable and confident there – what every parent wants their children to feel while learning and reaching their full potential. Miss Kate and her staff have taught her the important life long skill of working as part of a team to accomplish a goal. We have been fortunate to be a part of the Liberty Dance Center family for so many years as our daughter’s love of dance has grown year after year.”

Jennifer and Jeff Van Domelen

“Our daughters have danced at Liberty Dance Center since it opened in the summer of 2008. It has been a great experience for both my two girls and our entire family. The teachers have been wonderful in sharing their passion for dance while being incredible role models for all the students.  The studio has a real family feel to it, my girls love being at the studio and because of the studio’s 3rd Family Member free plan, I am able to take adult dance classes for free with a bunch of really cool ladies. I can’t say enough good things about our family’s experience at Liberty Dance Center.”

 Mary M.

“I just wanted to send you a message that we MISS your dance program at Liberty! We just loved it there! We found a dance studio here (in Indiana), but it is SO not the same! I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a wonderful program you have and we are sad that we can’t find one like yours here in Indiana! I am still going to check around after Sophia finishes her recital in June at the place she takes dance now, but from my understanding the nice dance studio’s prices are crazy expensive! It will be worth it though because Sophia has a love of dance because of your program! You had (probably still do) the best teachers… you were ALWAYS on top of things and so organized! Our dance place now does make me miss your program so much ecspecially knowing recital time is fast approaching! Just wanted to tell you that you have such a great program and we really miss it there! Sophia still uses her Liberty dance bag at her new studio! Hope all is well!”

Kim and Sophia Pigo

“Liberty Dance is run by some amazing people- they are professional, friendly and fun.  My daughter and I took classes there.  I highly recommend this studio.”
Jen P.

“Liberty is an amazing place for my two girls.  The teachers take extra care and extra time with each and every one of their dancers. Thank you for being so GREAT!”


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