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ballet shoes

There comes a time when your young dancer grows out of her dance shoes. And those older dance recital costumes are no longer needed. What can a parent do with the old shoes and costumes?

If a parent has a dancer that has grown out of a pair of dance shoes, there are several ways you might consider putting these shoes to a good use.

First, if you are thinking of selling dance shoes no longer needed, you may ask your dance studio if you can post a “for sale” notice on the studio information or community bulletin board.

If you have younger children that may at some point in the future try dance, consider hanging onto the shoes until you determine whether or not that younger child may need those shoes. This way you can save some money in the family budget.

A third way to use dance shoes you no longer need would be to check with your dance studio to see if they accept used dance shoes. Our studio maintains “borrow bins” of all types of dance shoes for a child that may have forgotten their shoes that day, or for a new prospective dancer visiting the studio for a trial class.

The other question that we occasionally get from parents is “What do I do with older recital dance costumes?” At our studio we have a partnership with “Traveling Tutus.” This is an organization that accepts donations of used recital costumes. They distribute to children throughout the world that might not have the financial resources to purchase costume recitals. It is a great way to put an old recital costume to good use.

As you can see above, there are several ways your family can recycle various types of used dance shoes and recital costumes.

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