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A key founding business principle for Liberty Dance Center when it opened in 2008 was to be an active, positive contributor to the local community. This commitment to community contribution was reinforced with the studio becoming an Affiliated Member of the More Than Just Great Dancing organization in the fall of 2016.

The community outreach program at Liberty Dance Center has focused on several key recipient groups. Many of our efforts throughout the years are and will be in the future aimed at helping the following groups:


  • Donating proceeds of Spring Recital Father/Daughter dance to Shriner Hospitals for Children

  • Supporting local schools in their fundraising efforts with donations and advertising and participating in teaching programs, and “high interest” days

  • Supporting local scouting groups by providing free dance activity programs


  • Participating in local Memorial Day veteran parades

  • Veteran food and clothing drives including Treats for Troops in 2016

  • Dance Performances for Veteran Groups by the studio’s Performing Company


  • Dance Performances at local senior citizen residences by the studio’s Performing Company

Local families in Need-

  • Annual partnership with Waukesha Christmas Clearing Council in Gift and Toy Drive for needy families. (over 20 families / 80 children since we started)

  • Participation in Waukesha Food Pantry food drives

  • Donations to Hope Center in Waukesha, WI

    avalon               NEEDY FAMILY 2015         Liberty Donates $ 500 annually from proceeds of Father / Daughter dance from Spring Recital











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