Teen Dance Classes

Liberty Dance Center offers a variety of dance classes for children ages 12 to 18 years old.  Styles include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical,  Pointe and Hip-Hop.  We also offer a popular class, Tricks & Technique, emphasizing turns, leaps and other techniques. Many teen dancers take this class to take themselves to the “next level”,  refine their skills to make a bigger impact on their high school dance teams.  Some  just take the class  for fun. Classes are weekly and  are one-hour in length. For description of dance classes- click here.

We also offer both a performing company and a competitive dance team for those dancers who have an interest.

The dance season at Liberty Dance runs 36 weeks in length starting in late August and running through May culminating in our spring recital in early June.  Please note that we believe very stongly in choosing age-appropriate recital costumes for all students at Liberty Dance Center. Click on spring recital above to learn more about annual recital.

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Enrollment into classes with openings are accepted through mid-January for the fall through spring dance season.  Check out our class schedule and provide your child the opportunity to “experience the freedom of movement….!


For information on required clothing for teen classes click here.



Adult Dance Classes

We also offer several dance classes structured for adults looking to have fun, get a great workout or learn dance or refine their existing dance skills.  For our adults we offer:

  • Adult Class                  Wednesday          7:30-9:00 pm

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    Come join in on the fun and start to experience the freedom of movement !!!



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